Alicia Keys "Love Is Blind"



I have always been a cautious Alicia Keys fan. I appreciate the early singles. In fact, songs like "Fallin'" and "If I Ain't Got You" are R&B classics that held the test of time, in my eyes. But to this day, an Alicia Keys album has not been able to win me over, her latest set included.

Album opener (ignoring the thirteen second, spoken-word intro here) "Love Is Blind" is excellent to a fault. It sets a mood and raises the bar to point that any album will be blessed to live up to. We hear a beautiful patience in Alicia Keys' voice in "Love Is Blind"; a raw quality brought out by her constant experimentation in vocal styles. Even Keys' instruments feel strained and fragile.

"Love Is Blind" appears in Alicia Keys' The Element of Freedom, which hit stores December 11th. Listen to it below: