AlunaGeorge remix Dirty Projectors "The Socialites"


We were beginning to get upset over the lack of AlunaGeorge updates we've had in the two months since the duo released their video for "Attracting Flies," and while this is no new single from Body Music (supposedly due out in July), AlunaGeorge's remix of Dirty Projector's "The Socialites" is tight enough to keep us satisfied until they decide to share more on their debut.

Not to say that this is second-rate AG, because it's far from it. Amber Coffman's unmistakable voice sounds absolutely gorgeous and completely at home over George Reid's signature bass undulations and oscillating synth hooks. We love her work with David Longstreth, but if this and Major Lazer'ssupremely awesome "Get Free" have showed us anything, it's that Amber Coffman is an unsung electro pop diva.