NEW: Amy Winehouse - "It's My Party" (Mark Ronson Produced)


I’m not even going to go into Amy Winehouse’s personal life here and I’m just going to talk about her voice, because who has such a voice? Because we live in a tabloid society, we spend more time talking about Winehouse’s drug habit and sleazy lovers than that voice, because those things are more interesting in the way a car crash is more interesting, as we casually gloss over the fact that Amy Winehouse can sing like skinny white women cannot sing. Her first release since a Sam Cooke cover in 2009, Winehouse’s return to her music career is a soulful, jukebox-y cover of Lesley Gore’s “It’s My Party,” helped out by legendary producers Mark Ronson and Quincy Jones. Possibly the best song for Winehouse to cover, ever, it throws that voice front and center over big-band horns. Give it a listen below:

Amy Winehouse - Its My Party (Leslie Gore Cover)

Winehouse's rendition of "It's My Party" will be included in Quincy Jones' new covers album, Q: Soul Bossa Nostra, out November 9.