New: Andrew Bird - "Eyeoneye"


Multitalented orchestral pop songsmith Andrew Bird has been quiet since the release of 2009’s Noble Beast, but everyone’s favorite indie whistler/violinist is back with a new record recorded in his Illinois barn and its typically esoterically-titled first single, “Eyeoneye.”

In the vein of his best work, Bird’s packed it to the gills with hooks – whether they be on the violin, glockenspiel, and guitar, whistled, or sung – and the end product is a catchy, driving, chamber-pop anthem Arcade Fire might be a bit jealous of. We love that melodic interlude that sees Bird repeat and repeat the song’s title, that slow-burn into the song’s fantastic climax. Break It Yourself will drop March 6 in a number of permutations – including a deluxe vinyl package and a digital set that includes live material.