Angel Olsen Shares "All Right Now" and "High & Wild" Video

She's reissuing Burn Your Fire For No Witness with bonus material.
Angel Olsen Burn Your Fire

As though we weren't already emotionally devastated enough by Angel Olsen's breathtaking Burn Your Fire For No Witness, she's planning on reissuing the LP with five bonus tracks. You can hear one of those, "All Right Now," below - it's likelier to induce happy tears, though, with Olsen's tender, soothing vocals insisting that it's alright now over an organ-heavy, folky backdrop; it feels like coming home after a long trip. Listen to that song while you peruse the reissue's tracklist (it'll be out for your purchasing pleasure on November 18th), then check out Angel's own tour travelogue video for "High & Wild."

Angel Olsen, Burn Your Fire For No Witness reissue:
01 “Unfucktheworld”
02 “Forgiven/Forgotten”
03 “Hi-Five”
04 “White Fire”
05 “High & Wild”
06 “Lights Out”
07 “Stars”
08 “Iota”
09 “Dance Slow Decades”
10 “Enemy”
11 “Windows”
12 “White Water” (Bonus)
13 “All Right Now” (Bonus)
14 “Only With You” (Bonus)
15 “May As Well” (Bonus)
16 “Endless Road” (Bonus)

High & Wild from A.O. on Vimeo.