Animal Collective - Bleeding (Live)


Animal Collective's new 10" for "Brother Sport" has been released. Buy the gorgeous 10" slab of wax at Domino's E-Mart. The single features every AnCo die-hard's favorite Merriweather Post Pavilion track "Brother Sport" (or is it "Brothersport"?), backed with the live track "Bleeding."


I Guess I'm Floating has an mp3 of the nearly-10 minute opus. While "Bleed" definitely sounds like it lives within "Bleeding", I'm not sure you would call the two tracks one in the same. The track sprawls on for nearly 10 minutes, flexing Animal Collective's sonic prerogative to essentially play what they want whilst making listeners feel like a lonely astronaut floating in outer-space. Better yet, releasing a live version of a track soon to appear on their December EP only reinforces the fact we all like pretending to know where they're taking their sound but haven't the slightest idea.

Listen to and/or download the live track, "Bleeding" at IGIF and tell 'em who sent you.