Animal Collective + Shabazz Palaces - "New Town Burnout"

From Animal Collective's new remix EP, Monkey Been to Burn Town.
Shabazz Palaces 8 (2011)

Animal Collective are dropping a remix EP called Monkey Been to Burn Town later this month, featuring updates on the Centipede Hz track "Monkey Riches" by Gang Gang Dance, Traxman, and Teengirl Fantasy, and this remix/cover/extraterrestrial interpretation of "New Town Burnout" by Shabazz Palaces. It's an incredible version, pushing eight minutes of seething drones, otherworldly synth and bass sounds, and cryptic, brilliant verses from Shabazz mastermind Ishmael Butler. The rest of the EP is out May 28, though we're unsure how anyone is going to top this. Check it out.