Check Out: Animal Collective - Transverse Temporal Gyrus

Animal Collective TTG

Animal Collective’s Record Store Day exclusive 12” release isn’t quite brand new music, but it’ll likely be new to you if you don’t frequent New York’s Guggenheim Museum. The band and their frequent collaborator, the video artist Danny Perez, had an installation piece at the Guggenheim all the way back in March 2010 which featured visuals by Perez and audio by the band – the 12” takes its name from that piece, Transverse Temporal Gyrus, and is a collaged recording of music from the shows. The collaged quality makes it a really interesting listen – the audio includes live recordings from inside the museum (so much sweet echo!) and individual pieces from each band member, all melded together into fascinating, layered music. Sometimes, you can feel AnCo’s poppier side pushing through; elsewhere, experimentalism reigns. You can check out vinyl rips of both sides of the 12” now.