Annie - "Back Together" from new EP, 'A&R'

New EP out in August!

Norwegian pop singer Annie recently ended a painful four year hiatus with a resplendent new song called "Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts." Now she's revealed that while that song is not on it(!), she does have a new EP called in the works called A&R. The R in that, by the way, stands for Richard. As in, Richard X — an accomplished producer and Annie's longtime collaborator — who co-wrote and produced the EP. A song from the EP has also been released, a glittery, throwback number called "Back Together." Take a listen below; A&R is out in August.

A&R EP Tracklist:

1 Back Together (co-written with Little Boots)
2 Hold On
3 Ralph Macchio
4 Invisible
5 Mixed Emotions