New: Arcade Fire - "Abraham's Daughter" (Hunger Games)

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Arcade Fire are just one of the huge names contributing to T Bone Burnett's soundtrack for the forthcoming film epic, The Hunger Games (which as you might know, is based on the über-popular young adult book series). "Abraham's Daughter" is the first of two new songs the band has recorded for the soundtrack – and it's sounds f-cking great. Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler said this of the song:

“I tried to put myself in the headspace of how excited I’d be if this film was coming out when I was 15. I still remember hearing Radiohead’s “Exit Music (for a Film)” in Romeo + Juliet when I was that age… Our whole approach was to get into the world and try to create something that serves the story and the film. There’s something in the story of Abraham and Isaac that I think resonates with the themes in the film, like sacrificing children. So we made a weird, alternate-universe version of that, where it’s as if Abraham had a daughter — kind of a metaphor for [the movie's hero] Katniss.”

The second new Arcade Fire track from the soundtrack, "Horn of Plenty," has not surfaced yet, but Butler did talk about it with the magazine:

“We were interested in making music that would be more integral in the movie, just as a mental exercise. And there’s an anthem that runs throughout the books, the national anthem of the fascist Capitol. So as a thought experiment, we tried to write what that might sound like. It’s like the Capitol’s idea of itself, basically. It’s not a pop song or anything– more of an anthem that could be playing at a big sporting event like the Games. So we did a structure for that, and then James Newton Howard made a movie-score version of it that happens in several places in the film.”

We're stoked to hear it, too! The Hunger Games soundtrack is out 3/20.

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