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Arcade Fire - "The Suburbs"

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Listen to Arcade Fire's new album The Suburbs in its entirety.

News of a new Arcade Fire 12" came last week, when a mysterious Amazon page popped up claiming that The Suburbs/Month of May was going to be released on June 1st. Since then, the Amazon page has disappeared. As if waiting for the signal, the single has leaked. But we still don't know when you can go out and buy this thing.

"The Suburbs", found on the single's A-side, is sunny and possibly a happy ending to Arcade Fire's beautiful "Neighborhood" series ("Tunnels," "Laika," "Power Out," "7 Kettles"). While something tells me that "The Suburbs" won't be on the upcoming Arcade Fire LP (think LCD Soundsystem's "Bye Bye Bayou"), it's exciting to see Arcade Fire take flight and possibly release an album fit for the summer, without sacrificing what makes them them. Though something tells me we won't hear from them again until the Fall. But you can hear "The Suburbs" now.

Arcade Fire - "The Suburbs"