Arcade Fire - "We Used To Wait"


Over a monotonous piano chord, Win Butler singles "I used to write letters/I used to sign my name" in new song, "We Used To Wait", recalling LCD Soundsystem's nostalgic, lamenting "All My Friends". It's hard not to compare the two, but it's quite easy to see that unlike "All My Friends," "We Used To Wait" shows signs of a glimmer of hope. Arcade Fire layer the monotonous, even depressing piano under bombastic percussion and sunny "oohs" and the genius line: "we used to wait for it/now we're screaming 'sing the chorus agian!'".

"We Used To Wait" will appear on Arcade Fire's forthcoming LP The Suburbs, out August 3rd. Pre-order it now. Listen to the track here:

Arcade Fire - "We Used To Wait"
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