Architecture In Helsinki – "Contact High"


Full disclosure – I love Architecture In Helsinki. I bought a physical copy of their last record, 2007’s “Places Like This,” the day it came out, in a chain record store. Lots of things have changed in three and a half years – that chain store is closed now, and Architecture In Helsinki’s dance-pop jams have taken a turn for the disco-tinged minimalist.

Their long-awaited next record, Moment Bends, will drop May 3, and first taste “Contact High” is hard to file in with the rest of this band’s incredibly diverse oeuvre. It’s all finger-snap percussion and underwater synths weaving together, dance-floor ready.

It certainly wouldn’t fit on the frenetic, maximalist Places Like This, nor on woodwind-laden electro-twee opus In Case We Die, nor on the swoony and romantic Fingers Crossed – but maybe this is this band’s greatest talent: no one record sounds at all like the others.