Listen: Ariana Grande's new single, "Break Free"

Ariana Grande's vocal acrobatics still leave us woozy.
Ariana Grande Break Free

It's finally here: Ariana Grande's follow-up to her world-conquering smash "Problem." Like that song, "Break Free" uses Grande's gorgeous high register to seduce us into feeling empowered (preferably while dressed as an intergalactic warrior princess) and not sweating the small shit. But that's really where the similarities end–"Break Free" was produced by German hit-maker Zedd, who gives the track a house-tinge edge. It's pretty tasteful for Zedd, who keeps the drops microscopic until only the very end.

Still, the zeitgeist-chasing (and a bit stale) radio-EDM sound of "Break Free" stands at a stark contrast to "Problem"’s delightful, saxy C&C Music Factory hat-tip – not to mention Big Sean's thrilling, trap-inspired whispered hook. In "Break Free"’s case, the upside to teaming up with an internationally known flash-in-the-pan DJ is that you can ditch the internationally known flash-in-the-pan rapper. We'll take Zedd's mini-drops and bass belches over Iggy Azalea's goofy, scatterbrained rap, any day.

"Break Free" is the second single off Ariana Grande's upcoming guest-heavy sophomore effort, My Everything, due out August 26.