Ariana Grande Drops "Dangerous Woman"

The title track from her new album, out May 20
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ariana grande dangersou woman .jpg

Ariana Grande has released her latest single, the fiery “Dangerous Woman”, title track to her upcoming album. 

Last October, Grande released a single called “Focus”, a track that for some reason has the air of a flop, despite being certified Platinum and peaking within the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. To say nothing of the song’s wonderfully bonkers appeal. Despite all this, “Focus” is not currently slated to feature in the new album.

“Dangerous Woman”, even with the S&M bunny posturing on the single sleeve, is a safer move for Grande, who, as always, hits her marks without incident. Like “Focus”, “Dangerous Woman” finds Grande emboldened by her romantic entanglements—cue Ariana’s wispy voice ever-so-briefly dueling with a guitar solo like she’s Robert fucking Plant! Unfortunately that off-hand, almost whimsical moment is only interesting bit on here. “Focus” took its energy to weird, colorful places I hadn’t heard since Amerie’s, or maybe even Solange’s, heyday. “Dangerous Woman” veers closer to “Irreplaceable”, manufactured empowerment curated for Tampax commercials. But hey, that topped that song topped the charts for 10 weeks, so what do I know?

Listen below:

Dangerous Woman is out May 20.