Check Out: Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht - "Hang On To Life"

ariel pink hang on

Jorge Elbrecht is warming up to be one of 2013's MVPs - if his name seems familiar, you might recognize it from his band Violens, Ariel Pink's band Haunted Graffiti, and/or the production credits on No Joy and Au Revoir Simone's 2013 records, and if it doesn't, it's about to be. Elbrecht and Ariel Pink have made a collaborative 7" that Mexican Summer is putting out this week, and here's its sunny, woozy A-side "Hang On To Life," which is basically the perfect soundtrack for a bout of summertime ennui. Shimmery textures, the lyric "you screwed the pooch," a simulated "what's goin' on, dude" phone call - what more could you desire? You can snag a physical copy today, and get psyched up for Elbrecht's upcoming collaborative 7" with Chairlift's Caroline Polachek.

Elbrecht's b-side track is called "No Real Friend," here is the artwork for it: