Autre Ne Veut - "On & On"


We're still listening to Anxiety on repeat and/or crying our eyes out to Anxiety on repeat, but we're excited to be able to squeeze "On & On" into our round-the-clock Autre Ne Veut jamfest (this is only a slight exaggeration).  This track's his contribution to Adult Swim's 2013 singles program, and it's fantastic - a little more pumped-up and clubby than much of Anxiety, but we're loving that operatic vocal sample (maybe from Cristi Jo of Zambri, who fills out ANV's live lineup?) and that skittering, bubbly drum machine. "On & On" is definitely more suited to dance-floor seduction than to listening on your own, so act appropriately - we're putting this one on our summer party playlist right now. Check it out.