Check Out: Autre Ne Veut - "Play By Play"

Autre Ne Veut

We can't think of too many 2013 records we're anticipating more than Autre Ne Veut's Anxiety, thanks to unreal first single "Counting" and this followup jam, "Play By Play," which is somehow just as amazing. Despite the lack of insane sax riffs or a Mykki Blanco verse on this one, we're in love, from those introductory '80s-esque synth whirls, to that slow, sexy build, with Arthur Ashin's emotive falsetto (we love when it cracks into a hoarse yell) tugging at your heartstrings, to that practically irresistible, totally massive latter half you can feel coming. Then of course, there's the drop - into the catchiest chorus of the year so far. We can't wait for this record - we're counting down the days until it drops on February 12.