Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks - "Strange Colores"

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Slasher Flicks

Here's another one from Avey Tare and his new band Slasher Flicks's upcoming debut record Enter the Slasher House: "Strange Colores" follows up earlier single and video "Little Fang," and if you thought that song put Avey's knack for weird-catchy melodies on display, you ain't heard nothing yet. "Strange Colores" is a must-listen for even the most casual Animal Collective fan - it recalls the blown out, apocalyptic wildness of a record like Feels. As an added bonus, Angel Deradoorian's vocals and keyboards and Jeremy Hyman's drumming are indispensable - and awesome. Check it out - you can pick up Enter the Slasher House in a record store starting April 8th.