Azealia Banks - "Hood Bitch" & "Gimme a Chance"

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Azealia Banks’ upcoming EP 1991 got pushed back, but don’t worry, we tracked down some rarities to tide you over until it finally drops. Both tracks, “Hood Bitch” and “Gimme a Chance,” are classic Banks – the beats alone sound like taunting schoolyard chants, Azealia’s rhymes are lightning-fast braggadocio that’s about a hundred times smarter and more impressive than most of her contemporaries, you know the deal. We’re especially partial to “Gimme a Chance,” with its Seinfeldian bass-slapping backbeat: Azealia’s story about picking up a hot guy plays out like a brilliant role reversal – face it, can anyone out there rap about picking up girls anywhere near as well? Check out both tracks.