New: Azealia Banks - "YUNG RAPUNXEL"

Azealia Banks

Y'all, Azealia Banks is really mad – she hasn't even released a full-length record and she's already started beefs with everyone from Angel Haze to the Stone Roses(!) – and she's letting some of her anger out on "YUNG RAPUNXEL," the Lil Internet-produced new single that might or might not wind up on her long-awaited record Broke With Expensive Taste.

It's a great song - sometimes Azealia's chilly, ambivalent rhymes recall M.I.A. on older tracks like "XR2," but then she starts screaming over Lil Internet's swarming, witch-hop beat, and she's something else entirely.

Ironic high point: over a thunderstorm sample, she sings about being tired of all the drama. Check it out.