New Balam Acab: Ass Pop


If you’ve seen Balam Acab live in the last year and a half or so since the Pennsylvania bedroom beatmaker first started making waves with the masterful, hypnotic natural ambience of Wonder/Wander, you know Alec Koone’s probably the nerdiest dude in the ambient/trance-y game. All that makes his newest offering, one-off single “Ass Pop,” doubly surprising – one, we couldn’t find any nature sounds, and two, when you ask us to conjure up a mental image of someone who would produce a song called “Ass Pop,” we’d sketch a lot more champagne and cigars (not to mention studio space) than Koone probably has on hand. Despite its randomness (and shortness), it’s an enjoyable, title-appropriate listen. Someone rap over it please? A$AP?