BANKS - "Bedroom Wall" (prod. by TEED)


It's all we can do to keep from solely accompanying this Soundcloud stream with the annotation: NEW BANKS SONG!!!!!! PRODUCED BY TOTALLY ENORMOUS EXTINCT DINOSAURS!!!!! but we'll try to be professional for a second - here's "Bedroom Wall," another gorgeous, slow-burning, vaguely unsettling jam from the L.A. songstress BANKS, one of our favorite newcomers of the year. This time, she interrogates a would-be lover who just doesn't get it - "Do I have to write it on your bedroom wall?" Added star power: you've got Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs to thank for that shimmering, minimalist film-noir backdrop. Catch BANKS on tour with the Weeknd this month - and stay tuned, hopefully, for more new music from her.

BANKS's debut, London EP is out now.