Basement Jaxx - Day of Sunflowers (We March On) (ft. Yoko Ono)


The British duo, Basement Jaxx is back with their newest studio alum, Scars. Their fifth album contains the song “Day of The Sunflower (We March On),” which features Yoko Ono and reminds of me of a Halloween tune with catchy lyrics.


Obscure is the best way to describe the song. It has aspects of house music with quirks and bleeps that keep your attention. The lyrics are captivating and truthful. At the song's climax, Ono chants, “Open like a flower, come get naked with me. Music take me whole and tie me up in melody…” "Day of Sunflowers (We March On)" lives up to Scars singles like "Raindrops," capturing listeners' attention in a headlock and keeps their expectations high for Basement Jaxx's forthcoming set.

The full album will be out October 6th in the US (already out in the UK, Canada and Australia) via Ultra Records. The entire album seems promising with guest vocals on several of the tracks such as Santigold and Yo! Majesty — we've previewed additional tracks here. Listen to "Day of Sunflowers..." below: