Basement Jaxx - My Turn (ft. Lightspeed Champion)


Basement Jaxx make quirky house music, and the bass bumping throughout new track “My Turn” certainly won’t challenge the assumption. That said, “My Turn” isn’t just a banger to drop on the late night. Although Basement Jaxx tracks can sometimes feel like the guest vocalist is there just to be there, Devonte Hynes (a.k.a. Lightspeed Champion) really touches the heart strings with his vocals, and they never feel extraneous or cheesy.


Straightforward pop song structure, catchy hooks, 4/4 beat, and vocal harmonies make this about as radio friendly as house gets; I bet your girlfriend will like this one. Notwithstanding, it is still a Basement Jaxx track, so there is the aforementioned banging bass, the acoustic guitar, the weird little sample snippets, squeaks and squawks running through the track.Compared to previous Jaxx pop-boppers like “Romeo” and “Hot N Cold,” “My Turn” sounds a bit calmer, smoothed out almost.

Ultimately, “My Turn” may sacrifice some of Basement Jaxx’s idiosyncratic groove-making ways for the sake of broader appeal (it’s not obvious that this is a Jaxx track on first, or even second listen), but if you like well crafted pop you can dance to, you won’t be disappointed. Check out the video below: