Bat For Lashes Announces Sexwitch Album

Natasha Khan's new band
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Bat For Lashes has revealed her new project: it’s a band called Sexwitch. The band is comprised of Natasha Khan, her collaborators TOY, and producer Dan Carey. 

Their self-titled debut album is out September 25.  The LP will be made up of six psych/folk covers from Iran, Morocco, Thailand and America. 

You can hear the first single, the cover of the Irani song “Helelyos”, below:


01 Ghoroobaa Ghashangan (Iran)
02 Ha Howa Ha Howa (Morocco)
03 Helelyos (Iran)
04 Kassidat El Hakka (Morocco)
05 War In Peace (U.S.A)
06 Lam Plearn Kiew Bao (Thailand) 

You can read an interview with Khan about Sexwitch over at Pitchfork