Battles Announces Remix Series, Hear Two Now


Battles are following up their massively acclaimed, jam-laden 2011 art-math opus Gloss Drop with an appropriately titled, four-part remix album series called Dross Glop. In advance of the release of part 1 on February 6, you can check out re-ups of “Wall Street” and “Sweetie and Shag,” the former by Gui Boratto and the latter by The Field, who keeps his looping state of mind intact as he drones out the sunny pop cut into nine minutes of creepy, echoing drones with only Kazu Makino’s decontextualized intakes of breath as proof of human construction.

Borrato’s take on “Wall Street” isn’t half bad either – we like how that clubby percussion works with the guitar. Both tracks will appear on 12” vinyl as the first release in the series; the rest are still to be announced.

BATTLES – "Sweetie & Shag" (The Field Remix)

BATTLES – "Wall Street" (Gui Boratto Remix)