Battles - "Ice Cream"


It's been four years since Battles dropped their experimental rock opus Mirrored, very much geared towards progressive head bumping and scarce in vocals. Since than, vocalist/guitarist Tyondai Braxton has left the group to focus on his solo work and rumors about a change in the band's sound ran wild. Now with the first taste of the forthcoming Gloss Drop, it appears said rumors are true.

Premiered the other day on BBC Radio, “Ice Cream,” features the sensational vocal stylings of Chilean born Matias Aguayo (if you haven't heard “Rollerskate” get on it). It is indeed the poppiest track the band has ever been attached to, with its swiveling cascade of colorful guitar riffs, smothered in distortion and bass, as Aguaya cheerfully sings along. It's certainly not as aggressive or hard hitting as anything on Mirrored. Gloss Drop is out June 7th via Warp.