Battles - "Inchworm" & "Wall Street" (Take Away Show)


After influential member Tyondai Braxton left experimental rock outfit Battles, whose 2007 album Mirrored elicited a generous amount of head bumping, it seemed probable that the band's aesthetic would alter significantly. This was confirmed when the group returned with “Ice Cream,” the first single from their forthcoming Gloss Drop, featuring the vocals of Chilean singer Matias Aguayo.

Another track that has now hit the web, “Inchworm,” is an instrumental cut that, though sounds little to nothing like the abrasive dance rock of Mirrored, continues to inspire jiving, jamming and balls to the wall moshing. It's intricate instrumentation and several layers of guitar riffs and percussive melodies is still straight up Battles.

Battles - "Inchworm"

Earlier this week, Battles premiered another new track, "Wall Street" on La Blogotheque's Take Away Show series. You can watch the eccentric clip below:

Gloss Drop comes out June 7th on Warp. Pre-order the album here.