Beach House "The Arrangement"


In our review of Beach House's Teen Dream, Chris Barth described the album as "moments of pristine clarity are juxtaposed with reverberating bliss", calling it Beach House's strongest work and one of the best albums of 2010 so far. Now Beach House isn't done making love to our ears just yet — the duo is prepping the release of the Zebra EP, featuring their latest single of the same name, on April 17th (Record Store Day).

The EP will include a radio edit of the nominal track, a remix of Teen Dream highlight "10 Mile Stereo", and new tracks "Baby" and "The Arrangement". The latter premiered on Sirius XM radio, and you can listen to it below:

Beach House will also be co-hosting SIRIUS XMU, SIRIUS Ch. 26, XM Ch. 43, on February 22-26. The Zebra EP is out on Record Store Day, April 17, 2010. Thanks for the tip Marcy!