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Beastie Boys - "Tadlock's Glasses"

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Beastie Boys

Before Hot Sauce Committee Part Two it was Hot Sauce Committee Part One. Before that, it was going to be released under the title Tadlock's Glasses. Now, after the Beastie Boys have released their first single “Make Some Noise” which leans towards oldschool Beasties funk, they've put out the mysterious “Tadlock's Glasses,” the second official cut from the long awaited full length.

Unlike the former, "Tadlock's Glasses" is heavily distorted, housing off sounding psychedelic melodies and weird noises as the background to the three MC's. Zane Lowe premiered the tune on BBC Radio One, check out the radio rip below.

Beastie Boys - "Tadlock's Glasses"

Hot Sauce Comittee Part Two drops May 3rd.