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As if James Ferraro wasn’t racking up enough attention for the complex soundscapes he releases under his own name, he’s now dropping gamelan-driven (you read that right) bangers under the horrific moniker BEBETUNE$$$. Make sure you learn how to stylize that correctly, because Ferraro’s not going anywhere with this project – he dropped one mixtape, Inhale C-4 $$$$$, at the end of last year, and he’ll drop a second in mid-February. The first track you can hear from that now is “##BLACK AND RED#” – we’d probably be mad, if it weren’t so good. Those first thirty or so seconds, when Ferraro bends and buries a super-catchy gamelan riff (that’s so weird to type) under the weight of plenty of chopped-and-screwed vocals and some creepy beatboxing, are actually irresistible. Check it out.

Download Inhale C-4 $$$$$here.