Beck - "I Won't Be Long"

beck i wont be long

One of our favorite news tidbits of 2013 so far was the one about how Beck is working on two albums right now, to be released entirely independently of one another - an acoustic one and another one that's "the proper follow-up to Modern Guilt." We're not sure exactly what that means, but if new single "I Won't Be Long" is anything to go off, we might be getting some delirious, glitchy dream-pop, and one of the best records of the year. It's a wonderful song, with one of the best, most irresistible basslines in recent memory. We love those scattered, sparse electronic elements and edits - they make the track sound like it's sneakily passing as human. "I Won't Be Long" isn't attached to a record - it'll be on a 12" single with a Daft Punk-ian fourteen-minute edit of itself - but we'll keep you posted if we hear more.