Beck - "I Won't Be Long" (15 minute version with Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon)

Ya lied, Hansen.
beck i wont be long

As if Beck's lovely "I Won't Be Long" wasn't already in the running for one of our favorite songs of 2013, dude's now released the fifteen-minute extended version (contrary to earlier reports, not a Daft Punk-ian self-remix) that functions as the five-minute single version's b-side. It features added electronic noodling (like that sublime opening section), even more jagged guitar wails, and some spoken word verse from ex-Sonic Youth Kim Gordon that kick in along with some fragmenting, industrial guitar (!) toward the track's latter third. That absolutely irresistible bassline, thankfully, hasn't gone anywhere. Listen to it at Seattle's 107.7 The End.

If you're pressed for time, check out the comparably brief five minute version below: