Ben Folds Gets All Collegiate On Us



We all know how much Ben Folds loves colleges and a cappella bands. As a matter of fact, he is constantly on the college circuit, recently hitting up universities with both PMA fave Miniature Tigers and world fave Jason Mraz. At all of these shows, he makes sure to bring out the college's a cappella group to do a few songs for the enthusiastic audience (this happened wonderfully at the Princeton show I attended, and seems to happen everywhere he goes). At that concert, Folds talked about an album he was mixing and recording featuring all of these great college crews covering his songs. And now, that album is finally (almost) here. Full with covers of Ben Folds Five classics, Ben Folds solo classics, and ultimately just great songs, this album is certainly one to get pumped about.

At the Princeton show, Folds excitedly ran on stage, prompting the Nassoons to play another song, and the group's leader lit up like you would not believe. What is great about those moments at his shows, along with this album, is that Folds is just as thrilled to be doing this as the bands are. He considers this to be an actual record of his:

"This is not a novelty .. I consider this my new record...I'm incredibly proud of this. If this were Ben World, this would be my greatest hits album. I'd rather this be my greatest hits record than someone collecting my masters and slapping on a photo of me leaning against a piano. This is a better way. I'm a songwriter, and these are my songs."

Along with all of the covers, Folds himself has recorded a cappella versions of two songs, one being Way To Normal standout "Effington." Click on for two videos: the University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers covering "Army" and the UNCG Spartones' beautiful take on "Not The Same." The album, Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella, drops April 28th.