"Bends"-Era Radiohead Demo - "How Do You Sit Still / Putting Ketchup In The Fridge"


Another day, more secret leaked Radiohead demos – it seems like only yesterday we heard the incongruously sax-laden early tracks “Girl (in a Purple Dress)” and “Everybody Knows”.

This latest leaked track, “How Do You Sit Still / Putting Ketchup In The Fridge” (seriously!), might not be from the pre-Johnny Greenwood era, but it’s an oldie – fans are dating it in the early nineties. Appropriately, it’s in the vein of those massive, soaring, ballad-y anthems from Pablo Honey and The Bends, all of intertwining, stop-start guitars and Yorke falsetto. It might not score a space on any best-of comps, but we’re suckers for that chimy riff in the beginning. Listen up!

RADIOHEAD – "How Do You Sit Still / Putting Ketchup in the Fridge"