REC'D: Bernard + Edith - "Poppy" and "Spell on You"

Check out two dark pop gems from the Manchester duo's debut 7" single, "Poppy."
bernard and edith

The Manchester duo Bernard + Edith, who are actually named Nick and Greta, have been making waves in their native UK for a while now, but they're poised bring that buzz across the pond with a fantastic 7" single called "Poppy" via SWAYS Records. Fans of everyone from Kate Bush to FKA Twigs, stream "Poppy" and its b-side "Spell on You" and take notes - we love how Greta's singular, operatically soaring vocals are layered, edited, and woven into a dense soundscape; the end product sounds like a dream on the border of a nightmare, like wandering through a gorgeous garden you can't get out of. "Spell on You," a kind of inspired interpolation of the classic Screamin' Jay Hawkins jam, is just as good, a perfectly creepy slow-burner for the end of the night after just one too many of your preferred vice. Check out both songs and their attendant videos below.