Best Album of 2001


Previously: Best album of 2000 (Readers' Choice & PMA's Choice)

We've set out to find the 10 best albums of the decade, according to our readers as well as our own personal favorite. So this gives us a maximum of listing the 20 best albums of the 2000s. Though I haven't ruled out the possibility that the Readers' and PMA's choices might be the same album. So we'll play this by ear.

Like last time, I'll list ten candidates for best album of 2001. These candidates are determined by their inclusion in various year-end lists from publications we trust, including, the Village Voice 2001 Pazz & Jop Poll, NME, The Onion, Mojo, Los Angeles Times, Spin, and Uncut. Please vote for the album you think was the best in 2001. If your choice isn’t on here, we’d love to see it in the comments section (though, we’d appreciate if you’d vote for your favorite on the list anyway).

A. Love And Theft by Bob Dylan
B. Is This It? by The Strokes
C. Amnesiac by Radiohead
D. White Blood Cells by The White Stripes
E. Vespertine by Bjork
F. Discovery by Daft Punk
G. Ágætis Byrjun by Sigur Rós
H. The Blueprint by Jay-Z
I. Things We Lost In the Fire by Low
J. Rooty by Basement Jaxx