New Björk - "Cosmogony"


The latest from Icelandic songstress Björk's forthcoming and highly anticipated new record, Biophilia, comes in the form of “Cosmogony,” a gradual, pensive grower, that sounds similar to her countrymen, Sigur Ros.

The trailblazing chanteuse is also releasing the album as a series of mobile apps, ten different apps for each song to be exact, and also will include an interactive game that is “based on the song's scientific and musical subject matter.” Björk has already released “Crystalline,” the first teaser from the album so far, and “Cosmogony” seems to follow in its textural, exploratory path. Check it below; Biophilia comes out September 26th. Read more on it at CoS.

Bjork - "Cosmogony"

Listen to "Crystalline" here.