Blood Orange Shares "Do You See My Skin Through The Flames?"

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Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange has shared a new song called “Do You See My Skin Through the Flames?” He’s made it clear that it won’t be from his upcoming album, but that it was a song he had to make to get out the feelings of frustration and depression he and many other members of the Black community feel, especially now.

Listen below: 

Here are thoughts Hynes shared on Facebook before uploading the new song:

America is in the middle of an act of terrorism right now, and black people are being attacked and killed every day. Every day I wake up and it becomes harder for me to interact with my friends and the world around me. I am scared, scared for myself, for my family, for my brothers & for my sisters. You may see me write on this page or playing music and see me as Blood Orange or Dev Hynes, but I turn the corner and I am just another black man, a black man that can't get a cab, a black man that has to be careful how i walk if i want to overtake a young white woman so that she doesn't feel scared, a black man that has to sit down and be silent when a police car circles the basketball court I play at, a black man that could be shot down at any time in my life, and as I'm dying know full well, that even if they were to catch who killed me, he will get off free. It is an incredible sadness & heaviness. Being told that we do not matter on and on and on day to day to day. America likes to act like a super human yet continues to blame human error for these horrific acts. I don't know what to do anymore.

The lyrics to the song: 

frustration and depression breaks me downdescending like they wanted undergroundthe further our journey the less you carethat’s why you laugh at Kanye when he’s talking in a chairbut the same conversation but replaced,is good enough for laughs or a smile on your face,happy to be singing all our songs to survive,but when we need help, you don’t get off til’s powerful to feel so alone in a group

let me break this down for you and tell you how we feel again,your fear is all you hold on to, so when you see me it’s not fairi have nothing left to give when you don’t notice what is wrong,Charleston left me broken down but it’s just another day to you

i ain’t got nothing left to give you
and i’m too tired, to even talk about it
while watching the fire,

tasting pain coming from a place of truth

to be another in a messy world
to feel like giving in another turn?
you wouldn’t listen if i told you

so how can i become anyone?