Blood Orange Releases New Album, Freetown Sound

The album comes three days early
Publish date:

This morning, Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange released his new album, Freetown Sound three days early. The album was originally due July 1. The album was written and produced by Dev Hynes. 

Listen to it below via Spotify. Click here for Apple Music.

Blood Orange, Freetown Sound:

01 By Ourselves
02 Augustine
03 Chance
04 Best to You
05 With Him
06 E.V.P.
07 Love Ya
08 But You
09 Desirée
10 Hands Up
11 Hadron Collider
12 Squash Squash
13 Juicy 1-4
14 Better Than Me
15 Thank You
16 I Know
17 Better Numb