Watch Bon Iver Debut New Album 22, A Million

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On Friday night, Bon Iver took the Eaux Claires stage to debut their new album, 22, A Million. The album isn’t out until the end of September, and we haven’t actually heard a studio cut from the album proper (listen to two “extended mixes” here!), but you can watch their set below, featuring all 10 songs from the new album, including what sounds like Kanye West’s voice in the fourth track, “33 ‘GOD’” (at the 12:05 mark). The video was ripped from’s Facebook live stream.

Bon Iver @ Eaux Claires 2016, Setlist

00:45 22 (OVER SooN)
03:45 10 d E A T h b R E a s T
06:43 715 - CREEKS
09:04 33 “GOD” (featuring Kanye?)
13:15 29 #Strafford APTS
18:02 666 ʇ
24:55 21 MOON WATER
31:05 8 (circle)
37:35 ____45_____ 
43:43 00000 Million