Listen: BOOTS, "A Day In The Life of Jordan Asher"


Some musicians prefer to stay in the shadows, only to be outed by Reddit creeper sleuths. Or maybe they'll post a selfie. Or, if they're Beyoncé'snew trump-card, they'll put out a song like "A Day In The Life of Jordan Asher" to coincide with a revealing interview on Vogue.

Leave it to BOOTS, the man who brought Untrue-vibes to 85% of BEYONCÉ, to find a way to combine underground and mainstream celebrity cultures. Per his Vogue interview, BOOTS' real name is Jordan "Jordy" Asher and he lives in New York. He also confirmed what we knew all along, Roc Nation is a pretty dope place to work:

“The idea of it was freedom, in a lot of ways,” he expounded. “I’m free to make whatever sound comes to my head. I’m free to release it however I want, to whoever wants to hear it. And that was really, really invigorating. Most people don’t get the choice to do things on their own terms, especially in the Internet age. I didn’t court this ‘mystery’ idea, but I’ll go with it, I’ll run with it, because it allows me really interesting opportunities to release music and art in an unconventional way.”

Up next for Boots is his debut mixtape, WinterSpringSummerFall. After having his hand in home-runs like "Drunk In Love" and "Partition," you can say expectations are astronomical. Just yesterday, Asher shared "Dreams", a duet with Beyoncé. Listen to it here.