Braids - "Amends"


Listening to music loudly or on one's headphones is perhaps our contemporary way of isolating ourselves. It walls off all the other noise for a while, and any kind of music can do this given a pair headphones or loud speakers. Though, some artists seem to be more consciously aware of this phenomenon and fashion said wall of sound to more carefully fit their needs. I think this is what people mean when they describe music as "textured," or what earns some groups the "art rock" designation. Such is the case with Braids, who have a new 12" in the works. "Amends" comes from that project, and it feels more like a electro curtain of sound unfurling at the behest of some ethereal breeze.

tl;dr: "Amends" is a cool tune from Braids, who have a new 12" called In Kind // Amends coming out June 11 via Arbutus.