Braids - "In Kind"

Braids have also just announced their new album, Flourish // Perish.

So, remember that 12” single on which Braids were going to release their new song “Amends” next month? Here’s that 12”’s a-side, “In Kind,” and with it, the band have confirmed some even better news – both of these tracks will wind up on their sophomore record (and first as a trio) Flourish // Perish, which’ll be out in August. “In Kind” is a lovely song, with Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s vocals doing brilliant acrobatics over her and her band’s tightly woven instrumentals – a stuttering, shimmering guitar loop, layered synth effects, edits to the vocals, a playful drum line. Check it out while you wait for the record – it’s out August 20.