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Brandon Flowers - "Crossfire"

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And so Brandon Flowers' debut solo single hits the radio somewhere, propelling a high quality radio rip into the interwebs and onto my lap. Real quick — the single's called "Crossfire", it will be on Brandon Flowers (The Killers' front-man, if you're not following) debut solo album called Flamingo; he loves to remind us he's from Las Vegas, that one. Of Flamingo, we know a little bit — we know it will be released sometime in September 2010. We also know it will feature production by some huge names Stuart Price (Madonna, Seal, New Order), Daniel Lanois (U2, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel) and Brendan O'Brien (Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam). Flowers has also confirmed that the album will include a duet with Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis.

All this brings us to "Crossfire", the public's first taste of Brandon Flowers without his band of merry men, the song people will use to gauge their interest in this project. The good news is that "Crossfire" is not sound unlike the Killers. In fact, I now have to wonder why the other guys are even necessary? Nothing against them, naturally, but I usually only think of Brandon Flowers when I think of the Killers. "Crossfire" would fit into the band's latest release, Day & Age, above anything else. Though with  a producer like Daniel Lanois on board, I would imagine Flamingo to have a sound recalling their great and vastly underrated sophomore effort, Sam's Town. It just goes to show how much of the Killers really is Brandon. Fans of nothing to worry about, they'll get their Killers fix in 2010 — and with a song as Bono-fied as this, Flowers has really cemented his stake in the industry.

Brandon Flowers - "Crossfire"

How does "Crossfire" compare with the Killers' last opening single, "Human"?