Brandon Flowers' New Song and Video: "Lonely Town"


On May 18, the Killers' frontman Brandon Flowers will release his second solo album, The Desired Effect. We've already heard a pair of singles: "Can't Deny My Love" and "Still Want You". Today, Flowers broke off another piece in "Lonely Town". It starts off simple enough: as a pleasant slice of '80s synth pop. But because this is a Brandon Flowers song, before long it builds up to an "All These Things That I've Done" crescendo.

Yeah, it feels a little cheesy, and it's definitely unearned. But it was with this not-so-subtle, straight-for-the-kill songwriting sensibility that Flowers made his name. After all these years, it's still satisfying, if for only a moment. Still, that's a moment longer than the other Desired Effect singles combined.

Listen/watch below: