LISTEN: New Brandon Flowers - "On The Floor 2.0"


After Brandon Flowers' debut solo single "Crossfire" proved that BFlo's Flamingo LP won't be much of a departure from the Killers' sound, we have this "Crossfire" b-side, "On The Floor 2.0" to listen to. Presumably, "On The Floor"-proper will be on the full-length, and "2.0" is just an acoustic version of the track, recycling for single-releasing purposes. That said, "On The Floor 2.0" is still a nice ditty, featuring only Flowers' unique voice and a strummin' guitar before introducing a choir to back our Golden Boy up. The song would actually not feel out of place in the Killers' B-Side album Sawdust, further emphasizing Flowers' time-tested motto of if it ain't broke, dont fix it. Does that mean we will hear "Jenny Was A Friend of Mine" synths and basslines again? Let's hope so.

Listen to "On The Floor 2.0" below:

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