Brandon Flowers - "Only The Young"


Now this is what I'm talking about BFlo. After listening to the few tracks from Brandon Flowers' solo debut album, made available to us by these great internets, it was too easy to just file Flamingo (that's the name of said album) under The Killers umbrella. But it's campy MGMT-esque pop tunes like "Only The Young" that offer some kind of differentiation between Flowers' world-famous band and, well, Flowers. Hear the track below:

We first heard a glimpse of "Only The Young" when Flowers' team streamed a clip of it on his website the day it was announced Brandon Flowers would release a solo album. Since then, it's been the composition I've been most interested in. Flowers' Flamingo is out today here in the US. It was released in the UK last week, where it opened at No.1 — a feat Brandon Flowers or the Killers have never been able to replicate in America. Buy Flamingo at Amazon or iTunes.