Brian Eno - "Bless This Space" & "Pour It Out"

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If you're a fan of electronic and ambient visionary Brian Eno, than you've heard that his several years in the making project, Drums Between The Bells, is coming out next month via Warp. The anticipated followup to last year's instrumental Small Craft On A Milk Sea (one of our favorite albums of that year) is also a collaboration with poet Rick Holland, whose poems will be recited alongside Eno's spaced out productions.

First single “Glitch” has been out for a while now and Eno has just released two new jams from the record, “Bless This Space” and “Pour It Out.” The former features some haunting deep vocals over a jazzy drum beat and erratic guitar riffs, the latter a slow moving string driven medley, with soft spoken word. Lovely. Check them both out below; Drums Between The Bells is out July 5th.

Brian Eno - "Bless This Space"

Brian Eno - "Pour It Out"